Dogs bring so much joy and happiness to our lives but they also bring a lot of mess to our backyards... Mess that takes time to clean up - precious time that most people don't have these days.

So, what are your options? You could give up valuable time that could be spent with friends and family or time that could be spent relaxing after a long day at work in order to go out to scoop the smelly poop. Or you could just leave poop scooping for another day when you may have more time. But if the poop isn't scooped then we know what will happen - someone will step in it, the kids can't play outside, the yard looks and smells disgusting and the neighbours start to talk... Plus, you end up with a very unhappy dog who is likely to start toileting in inappropriate places because the backyard is a mess.

If none of those options sound appealing to you then consider this - Puppycat Pet Care offers a competitively priced canine waste management service that lets you go back to enjoying all the good things about having a dog, without having to worry about scooping the poop. Puppycat Pet Care's canine waste management service will help you to provide a clean and healthy environment for your family and pets and reduce the hazards of spreading bacteria that are harmful to people and animals.

As part of our canine waste management service, Puppycat Pet Care will:

Puppycat Pet Care can provide a regular service to stop the waste accumulating or provide a one-off or special clean-up service for when you simply don't have the time or don't want to do the job yourself.

Puppycat Pet Care's canine waste management services are individually quoted based on the number of dogs, the size of the yard and the frequency of visits required. As an indication, the service fee for a weekly visit to a medium sized yard with 1 - 2 dogs will be approximately $20. A one-time visit to a yard that has not been scooped in a long time or a weekly visit to a large yard with more than 2 dogs will cost approximately $30 a visit. Perhaps you'd like us to come and poop scoop your yard more than once a week - we're happy to do this for a service fee starting as low as $10 a visit.

Puppycat Pet Care is happy to tailor a canine waste management package to meet your individual needs so please call today to discuss your requirements.

Don't forget that Puppycat Pet Care offers generous loyalty rewards. After 12 canine waste management visits, your next visit is free. We also offer great referral rewards, so please tell your friends about us

Please call 0401 769 064 or email Puppycat Pet Care today to make a booking or to discuss your pet care requirements.

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