Puppycat Pet Care is a Canberra based business specialising in the delivery of high quality pet care services including pet sitting, dog walking, canine waste management and tailored pet care services to all North Canberra suburbs.

The inspiration for Puppycat Pet Care came from a life-long love of animals combined with our own experiences as "puppycat" owners. Like so many pet owners, we simply could not bring ourselves to leave our precious puppycats in catteries or kennels. Nor did we like the idea of imposing on friends or family to look after them when we went away (apart from taking up their time, not many of them really know how to care for animals properly!). Apart from the challenges that going away can pose, we also know what it's like to feel so tired after a long day at work that even the mere thought of taking your dog for a walk exhausts you. As for poop scooping the backyard or cleaning your pets enclosures, well that's a chore that few people really enjoy doing... So, Puppycat Pet Care was established to meet the needs of Canberra pet owners just like us.

Puppycat Pet Care offers a range of pet care services and we are very aware that one size doesn't fit everybody. We specialise in tailoring competitively priced packages that meet the needs of our clients. Perhaps you'd like to combine dog walking and canine waste management services, or maybe you're going away and you've got your own version of Noah's Ark at home with lots of different animals each with its own unique requirements, or maybe you've just got a lovely long-coated cat who gets lonely while you're at work and needs a midday visit and brush. Whatever your pet care needs are, we are here to help.

For all new and prospective clients Puppycat Pet Care provides a free, no obligation visit to your home to meet you and your pets. During this visit we will discuss your pet care requirements and answer any questions you may have. If you decide that Puppycat Pet Care is the right pet care provider for you and your precious pets then we will spend some extra time getting to know you and your pets. If we will need a key for your home in order to deliver our services, then we ask that you have one ready for us at the time we come to meet you.

For your peace of mind, Puppycat Pet Care holds public liability insurance and all our carers have a current working with vulnerable people card and are industry qualified to provide pet care services, including basic first aid. We also help to ensure the safety of your pets and the security of your home by not wearing a uniform or doing anything else that may draw attention to your absence from home or your use of our services. We take the privilege of looking after our client's pets very seriously and do not view our service delivery time as an opportunity advertise our business. When you engage Puppycat Pet Care you can be confident in knowing that 100% of our time and attention will be focused on providing you and your pets with the highest possible level of service.

Puppycat Pet Care has a generous loyalty program for regular clients and we also offer referral rewards as a thank you for recommending us to your friends and family.

Please call 0401 769 064 or email Puppycat Pet Care today to make a booking or to discuss your pet care requirements.

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